be-kyoto is a rental gallery in Kyoto that offers washitu (traditional Japanese rooms) for various purposes. The building is a renovated traditional Kyo-machiya (Kyoto townhouse) with a history of more than 200 years. It is located north of the Shinmachi campus of Doshisha University next to Kosho-in Temple (a Monzeki temple which means the head priest is of imperial lineage). Various cultural landmarks such as the Kyoto Imperial Palace are also nearby. So our community is where culture and academia commingle. We hope you will take advantage of the chance to show your artwork and contribute to this cultural environment.





Aesthetic × Creativity

The “be” in be-kyoto is a double entendre. The Japanese word美, meaning aesthetic or beauty, is pronounced “bi” the same as the English word “be”. So you could say be-kyoto means: the beautiful city of Kyoto exists (to be). We will certainly suit your needs or “be” what you want. We hope you will allow your creativity to run wild as if you were the lead actor in a play.